EarBuddy gives a 7.7/10 to Lily and the Tigers’ new album The Hand You Deal Yourself

Lily and the Tigers press photo baby robot media Casey Hood (Guitarist, Vocals) Adam Mincey (Upright Bass) Mikhail Ally (Bass Clarinet) Jared Pepper (Resophonic guitar)EarBuddy The Hand You Deal Yourself

Lily and the Tigers prove that isolation can have very good effects on the music — even when you’re alone with friends.

There will always references and stories about the influence isolation can have on the creative process, most likely raking in references to albums that have stories of this nature embedded in their being. But when you’re part of a group, can you really be isolated in the truest sense of the word? Being away from all the hustle and bustle of city living is one thing, but can you still have that personal journey of reflection, etc, when you’re in the company of others? READ HERE…

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