Examiner.com names Tedo Stone’s debut LP, Good Go Bad, one of the 20 Best Albums of 2013

Tedo Stone press photo Clay Houle Frank Keith IV Grafton Tanner baby robot mediaHere you go music fans, the next album on the 31 Days of Music: Best of 2013 at Number 20 is (drum roll please) Tedo Stone, Good Go Bad. A mighty fine record from a talented individual. Don’t forget to listen to all this great music on the AME’s 31 Days of Music: Best of 2013 Spotify playlist.

When Tedo Stone released his debut EP – Happy – I couldn’t get enough of it. The Atlanta/Athens musician perfectly blended spacey guitars, psychedelic fuzz and Byrds era country rock into one unique sound. Employing a dogged work ethic Stone built up quite a following through live shows, the internet and word of mouth. Once you heard the EP you had to see a live show and once you heard Tedo live it made the EP that much better. The past year has seen him team up with This Is American Music which has been a big part of his explosion in popularity, well that and the fact his music is so damn good. READ MORE…

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