Flavorwire includes 8 Inch Betsy on their “5 Best Songs We Heard This Week” along with Grimes, Logic, Alan Vega, and Big Star’s Alex Chilton.

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Despite a barely premature leak of an anticipated album, the scariest news this week has been Trump-related, with the Donald set to make his SNLdebut this Saturday, sharing a stage with takes-no-shit musical guest Sia.

In terms of new music, though, there was a plethora of exciting new options to choose from, but we managed to narrow it down to five of our favorites. There’s a new single from a promising young Def Jam MC, some South American vibes from an ascendant DJ/producer, an oddball supergroup reissue, and new blessings from the goddess known as Grimes. But first, a posthumous release from some influential Chicago scenesters:

8 Inch Betsy — “Get in the Van”

Chicago queer punk outfit 8-Inch Betsy certainly put in the time in their hometown scene, and after more than a decade together, are releasing their final LP, The Mean Days, next Friday, November 13. They’re the last 8-Inch Betsy recordings from singer and songwriter Meghan Gailbraith, who passed away earlier this year from a year-long illness. “Get in the Van” is a bouncy, crunchy pop-punk jam with a dark premise, a bittersweet triumph. LISTEN HERE…

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