Gringo Star’s dreamy, washed-out new video for “World of Spin” finds the band playing a hurricane party. Check it out exclusively at CMJ

Gringo Star Peter Furgiuele and Nicholas Furgiuele baby robot media

The world’s a party in Gringo Star’s new video for World Of Spin. Though news reports threaten the apocalypse, the grainy footage shows the band playing live at house parties and backyard bbqs, causing everyone within hearing range to drop their doomsday prepping and start shaking a leg. Add to that the fact that the song itself is a doo-wop-indebted surf jingle swelling with harmonies, and you’ve got the perfect distraction cocktail that’ll take your mind off anything.

World Of Spin will appear on Gringo Star’s upcoming 7-inch, which will be the debut release of Grand Rapids, MI label dizzybird records. Brian Hoekstra, who co-founded the label with Nicole LaRae, said, “Working with Gringo Star has been on my mind since I met them at CMJ a few years ago. Gringo Star has a unique, adventurous psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll sound that’s infectious and timeless—these two sides could’ve come out at any point in the last 50 years. And now that dizzybird is releasing this 7-inch, we all get to dream together.” WATCH HERE…

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