Under The Gun Review premieres Book Club’s “However Can It Be?”

Book Club press photo One-Way Moon Folk, Indie, Country Robbie Horlick, Rachel Buckley, Matt Jarrard, Todd Kerstetter, Gus Fernandez baby robot media

Folk music for fans of the slightly eerie — that’s the best way to describe Book Club’s newest number, “However Can It Be?” The band walks its listener through the track, like the ballad at a cabaret or the soundtrack to a lost soul. Book Club have tapped into the melodically creepy with “However Can It Be?” — striking a balance between subtle beauty and irrefutable awe.

The song comes off of the band’s latest LP, One-Way Moon, which was recorded live in the studio, with the band sitting in a circle, facing each other. This live essence bleeds into the final product upon first listen of “However Can It Be?” One-Way Moon is due out Feb. 17 via the Cottage Recording Co. (Small Houses) & Bear Kids Recordings. LISTEN HERE…