Hustler Magazine sits down with Wheeler Walker Jr. for interview about new LP Redneck Shit

wheeler walker jr

Like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry before him, Wheeler Walker Jr. is a singing cowboy. But unlike your grandaddy’s heroes, this hat-wearing hillbilly is more likely to croon tunes like “Fuck You Bitch” than “Happy Trails.” His debut album, Redneck Shit, is exactly as advertised: hilarious, explicit country songs about everything from fucking, “Can’t Fuck You Off My Mind,” to masturbation, “Better Off Beatin’ Off,” to the ultimate tatty-flashing anthem “Drop ‘Em Out.” Part outlaw country singer, part XXX comic, Wheeler Walker Jr. is the bastard son of Johnny Cash and Andrew Dice Clay. But is he the real deal or just a southern-fried hoax? READ MORE…  

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