Immersive Atlanta on The Head: “To even the casual observer, the Head seem poised to blow up.”

The Head atlanta Mike and Jack Shaw brothers Jacob Morrell millipedes it ain't easy

Young bands often struggle to find a consistent sound early in their career, a failing of which the Head has never been guilty. These three young rock and rollers have been as consistent as clockwork in every aspect of their career. While the trio’s new EP, Millipedes, is a noticeable shift from their power-pop past to simple ’90s college rock, their energy and musicianship have not diminished. To even the casual observer, the Head seem poised to blow up. Their tour schedule is as organized as it is rigorous and their social media presence makes them seem equally comfortable sleeping on living room floors as they would be on the cover of GQ. To put it simply, the Head’s got brains.

“Jesus,” the first single released from Millipedes, kicks the five-song EP off with a fun, dirty crunch, and provides us with bassist Mike Shaw’s best vocal performance of the album. Guitarist Jacob Morrell provides an inspired solo which rises above drummer Jack Shaw’s thunderous beat. Unfortunately, most of the remainder of the album repackages the sound of “Jesus” with little of its energy. Apart from the interesting addition of harmonica on “Raincoats,” the middle three songs of the EP sound crafted from ready-made templates.

The album closes with “Pebbles on the Ground,” an anthemic ’80s influenced track that’s better suited for the arena than the garage. The lush guitar and vocals sound as if they were torn from some alternative universe where Bryan Adams collaborated with Darklands-era Jesus and the Mary Chain. Though the effect is somewhat unsettling, it is a refreshing take on rock and roll, and evidence of the care taken in the album’s production. READ MORE…

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