Immersive Atlanta premieres Sydney Eloise & The Palms’ “I Like You”

Sydney Eloise and the Palms Atlanta faces indie rock BABY robot media i like you immersive atlanta

For an album that spends much of its time mining the music of the past, Faces, the debut full length from Sydney Eloise & the Palms, feels considerably timeless. Take, for example, the group’s latest single, “I Like You,” which we’re excited to be premiering today. It’s a song that flirts with ’60s soul and ’90s alt-country — sounds which, given the current musical landscape, could easily come off as dusty and anachronistic. But with a performance that is both is both breezy and spirited, Eloise and her cohorts manage to encase the tune in a velvety pop sheen that feels classic and fresh. READ MORE…

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