Immersive Atlanta Premieres Wanderwild’s “Day 31”

Matt Martin, aka Wanderwild, is preparing the release of his new LP, In Due Time, but the Athens artist and producer found the time to unveil one more single before the album officially drops tomorrow. “Day 31” is a pulsing, pop-inflected number that examines the potential for both majesty and melancholy in life’s banal repetition. The song’s methodical beat, combined with its rippling guitars and Martin’s soothing falsetto, places it on similar aesthetic grounds as his debut, Fleeting, but there’s also a confidence and ease here that was lacking from that first EP. Some of that, of course, is due to experience and practice, but to hear Martin tell it, it’s also about him coming to terms with his own purpose and intentions as an artist.

“Music for me is often about unpacking the relationship between cynicism and optimism and existential uncertainty,” he explains in the album’s press release. “It’s about finding personal balance through sound and texture and space.” READ MORE

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