Impose interviews ZONERS frontman Matt McCalvin and premieres the band’s badass new video for “X2 VISION”

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From Atlanta, Georgia; Matt McCalvin of Gringo Star, Mermaids, and Dinos Boys has been rampaging with friends about the ATL with his new band, Zoners, who debut their dizzying video for “X2 Vision”. Found off their 7” split with fellow friendly locals Onchi, and to be featured on the upcoming album, Chill ‘Em All for their own Destroy Music imprint; McCalvin and friends cause a ruckus in the following visual episode that rages about like the most one of the insane gatherings imaginable; where a spirited anarchy breaks out as if all the authority figures just left town.

On the premiere of Zoners’ “X2 Vision” video from Dasher’s Kelly Stroup and Max Siciliano, a tube television is smashed up as the band throws a yard party with their friends. Fun with air-soft guns, early Halloween masks, fireworks, flags, sparklers, skateboards sends out seizure inducing visions of what looks like a three month Fourth of July bender amongst an excited group of friends. Zoners take their ‘Kill Your Television’ type of rage, and drop you into a zone of seeing double, where you can only begin to wonder what their neighbors are making of the rapid thrashing guitar histrionics, amongst mixing Budweisers and crossbows. In a video made to match the relentless energy of the band, Zoners present a primer of everything you should not do at home, or at friends houses, keeping super charged frenetic pace pumping. “X2 Vision” itself was recorded with the rage of a live Zoners performance while the video presents the wildest, privy, and impromptu performance piece that feels like the craziest backyard/frontyard/house party right before the cops break it up. Joining us after the premiere is Zoners own Matt McCalvin, breaking down all the latest from the ATL. WATCH HERE…

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