Impose premieres Grand Vapids’ “Adequate”


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Sometime there is that song that just strikes you in your most vulnerable spot, where the invested contributions to composites of the ego are brought down by roaring boulders of misapplied attention. Such is the grandeur, the sledgehammer to the gut hit of the dissected and deconstructed self-agonizing anguish that is “Adequate”, the big new premiere from Grand Vapids. With their album Guarantees slated for release January 20, the Athens, Georgia quartet of Austin Harris, McKendrick Bearden, Chris Goggans, and Paul Stevens express the creative contents collected from the vapid void with the smart arrangement assist from Drew Vandenberg at the production and engineering seat. The reality check that winter brings comes in the raw and realist gift that you moped around all year waiting for.

With the indie communities of Southern artists and bands on a steady rise, Grand Vapids cut to the core by providing some new grunge caveats that add some new tricks to the 90s ‘revival’ conversations. Off the bat from “Adequate”, internal drives and goals are submerged into the apathetic undertow of castoff aspirations. The internal monologue ruminates through the need for conclusive assurances on the unsettling issues of unknown investment returns on pursuit of all contributed labor. The heavy-headed sulk and personal realization of crisis gets the biggest lift from the cracking noise blossoms of feedback that convey a narrative even heavier than the glum portraits painted by the lyrics. Following the debut of “Adequate”, we got to know the world of Grand Vapids in the following interview with McKendrick Bearden. LISTEN HERE…

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