LA Times premieres “I’m A Bitch” by Family Pet

LA Times Premiere

Propriety precludes us from publishing the b-word mentioned in the title, but the sheer rush of this L.A. band’s sound makes it required listening. Produced by the multi-talented singer and songwriter Colleen Green, the song draws on the city’s rich hardcore past without any sense of subservience to the rules.

A self-described feminist punk band that calls out the Breeders in its press release, Family Pet stars Kate, formerly of the punk band Feelings Feelings, and her sister Maggie Dwyer.

With down-tuned guitar and waves of adrenaline, the way they maneuver through chords recalls the wild-eyed urgency of “Walk Among Us”-era Misfits and the seminal punk band Bikini Kill.

The single’s A-side, called “Family Pet,” arrived a few weeks back, and both are teasers from the band’s forthcoming first album, “Petty,” which comes out in July. READ MORE…

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