Nine Bullets reviews Caleb Caudle’s new album Carolina Ghost

Caleb Caudle Carolina Ghost baby robot media publicity pr

I think that a lot of music is hard to review. I know, I’ve been doing to for years, but that hasn’t made it any easier. Writing a review isn’t like talking a friend about about an album or chatting with your buddy who just dropped his new record on you. There’s something permanent about putting words on the web because the internet never forgets. I guess for some of us that doesn’t matter and there was a time where it didn’t matter to me and I’m striving to get back to that place, a place where I can talk about how music makes me feel, where it takes me, and really what it means to me. For me music never has to be perfect, vocals never have to be on key, but it does have to make me feel and the more it makes me feel the better I like it. So when Caleb dropped Carolina Ghost on me and we talked about it a little later, I already knew what I was going to say here. READ MORE…

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