Paste Magazine on the music & style of Sydney Eloise & The Palms: “Think how a Sofia Coppola film looks—brilliantly layered and vivid with a daydreamy, hazy border.”

Sydney Eloise and the Palms Atlanta faces indie rock BABY robot media

With their East Coast tour wrapped earlier this month, Sydney Eloise & The Palms have been quite busy after the release of their debut LP, Faces. Breakout hits “Sorry, Not Sorry” and “Tell Me What I Want To Hear” highlight the record’s signature sound, think how a Sofia Coppola film looks—brilliantly layered and vivid with a daydreamy, hazy border. Through a seemingly effortless emphasis on detail and build, Sydney Eloise evokes a campy, alt-country twang beside her late 50s, early 60s pop sugar croon. Often compared to Best Coast’s Bethany Consentino and early Rilo Kiley era Jenny Lewis, dare we say Miss Eloise & Co. have managed to perfectly distill their varied influences and inspirations into an evolved new sound just right beside Sydney Eloise’s self-described “disco-earthy” style. The album highlights thoughtful lyrics on perspective and change. Beyond melancholy reflection, however, the songs focus on reclaiming one’s power and reconciling what was then and what is now. For those in the throes of rebuilding after a breakup or accepting past choices, this album is sure to soothe any lingering aftershocks.

Not one to shy from jumpsuits and fringe, we caught up with Sydney Eloise—born and bred in Atlanta, Georgia—via email on her tour essentials and how her musical and personal style has evolved over the course of writing and recording the album. With a quick wit and conversational grace, if you have not yet heard the bright, Technicolor stylings of Sydney Eloise & The Palms, we have no doubt you will soon. And besides, who can resist a fearless frontwoman with a signature marching band top hat? READ MORE…

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