Paste Magazine premieres Gringo Star’s “World of Spin,” the first track to emerge from the band’s upcoming 7-inch (out Oct. 17 on dizzybird records)

Gringo Star Peter Furgiuele and Nicholas Furgiuele baby robot media

Atlanta-based brothers Nick and Pete Furgiuele, better known as Gringo Star, are releasing two new songs. Their new 7-inch single, “Long Time Gone” b/w “World of Spin,” is out Oct. 17 on newcomer label dizzybird records.

As with 2013’s Floating Out to See, Gringo Star recorded the new songs in Pete’s home studio. This time, however, the brothers handled every single instrument and vocal themselves. Nick sings lead on the A-side, “Long Time Gone,” with Pete handling the opposite’s “World of Spin.”

Gringo Star’s new single and an LP from friends Heaters will be dizzybird records’ first releases. Brian Hoekstra, co-founder of dizzybird records, calls Gringo Star’s sound infectious and timeless. “These two sides could’ve come out at any point in the last 50 years,” Hoekstra says. LISTEN HERE…

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