Popdust premieres PopHeart’s “Kuyama Drama”

The inexorable weight of tragedy hung around the Los Angeles punk scene like a thick ghostly mist. And the exact truth surrounding the fatal shooting of Peter Haskell, musician and actor with a wellspring of troubled notions, is murky, at best. Shooter Bruce Kalberg, who had known Haskell for the better part of 30+ years, claimed it was self defense when Haskell allegedly broke into his apartment and spewed a barrage of threats. The District Attorney declined to file charges, and the story stopped there. But in reality, it was only just beginning.

The world of his son Paris Yavuz, from whom he was mostly estranged, shifted dramatically. Medicine’s Beth Thompson, also a close friend of Haskell, unloaded his father’s music equipment at Yavuz’s apartament soon after–and the story took on a new life. Yavuz, who goes by the stage name Popheart, poured his yearning soul into his music. That’s when 2014’s More Me Less You EP came into the picture, a sinister, new wave collection of deeply-rooted stories of the human existence (with a penchant for large hooks and smokey, jittery arrangements).

Now, the singer, songwriter and musician eyes his follow up, jumpstarted with the brooding “Kuyama Drama,” a more adorned darkwave-produced escape with blurred vocals and a sticky core. “[This song] is an emotional recount of the last experience and verbal exchange I shared with a close friend who has passed,” he tells Popdust about the song, premiering exclusively today. “It’s dark, but I didn’t want it to sound that way. I had been listening to New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ almost exclusively when we were recording this track.” READ MORE

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