Powerkompany reveals the story behind “Another One Born In New York” in American Songwriter exclusive

Song Premiere: Powerkompany, “Another One Born In New York” american songwriterCheck out “Another One Born In New York” off I Am More Than This, a gorgeous track from Athens, Georgia dream-pop duo Powerkompany’sdebut LP.

The song was inspired by some unusual circumstances (or, if you will, a typically normal day in the teeming metropolis of New York City.) Band members Marie Davon and Andrew Heaton met a girl who wanted to get married — to both of them.

“Maybe it was all a joke, maybe she was serious or maybe it was a little bit of both—who knows?” recalls Heaton. “She was from New York. She’d been a model, was a talented photographer and her father had been a Broadway producer. She sort of started courting Marie and me as if we were one person. It was madness, really.”  Read more…

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