PureVolume debuts Bedouine’s new video for “The City”

Bedouine The City Los Angeles baby robot media

Hailing from Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Bedouine is a talent who is able to channel her spiritual and creative energy into her music. Her songs take you on a sonic and lyrical voyage that make the mesmerizing sound mundane. This is a theme you can see in her videos as well, like the one we’re premiering today in “The City.” The song comes from her self-titled EP that saw her work with Jake Blanton (Father John Misty, The Killers, Jenny O) and the video reflects the emotion and cinematic nature of her sonic and visual work.

“Writing this song with Jake Blanton felt easy and serendipitous,” she says of the song. “We never intended to write together really. The song was an unplanned byproduct of a hang that happened to be in a studio. That’s where Jake was living at the time. It was casual and fun, and by no means a ‘writing session.’

“As for the video—being on camera is a formidable task for me, but I found a cozy place in the shadow of lead actress Jessica Nicole Collins. I went to school with the filmmakers Tom Salvaggio and Garrett DeLuca of 12/11 Creative, as well as Jessica. Making music videos together was an unpredictable yet unsurprisingly copacetic collaboration. Its counterpart, our video for “Bright Lights” is technically a prequel to “The City.” Jess and I didn’t know too much about the sequence, which was ok. We had the task of drawing between the lines, and I hope the people who watch enjoy doing so as much as I did.”

Bedouine’s self-titled EP is out now. WATCH HERE…

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