PureVolume premieres Brooklynn’s latest single “B.A.D.”

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With idols like Johnny Cash, Andy Warhol and Tim Burton, one would not assume Brooklynn to take the dance-pop route, but the young singer has a knack for it, and with the help of producer Nico Constantine (Lady Gaga, Program The Dead, Biters, StarBenders),  she’s been able to show her talents to the world. The Atlanta-based songbird is gearing up to release her debut EP next month, and today we’re excited to premiere its latest single, “B.A.D.” Equal parts ’60s soul, ’70s disco and ’80s synth-pop, this track proves that even though Brooklynn may not have taken the punk rock path, she still has a rebel soul. Stream “B.A.D.” above.

“‘B.A.D.’ is a cosmological disco track with strong, raspy vocals,” Brooklynn begins. “The song was born out of a late-night jam session I had with the wonderful James Hall and my producer Nico Constantine.”

“Lyrically, it’s about being a bad girl, but not in the conventional sense. In this case, bad means a rebel, a fighter, a renegade. I went through a lot growing up. I had to deal with adult-level problems when I was just a young kid. I had to rise up against adversity or perish. ‘B.A.D.’ is meant to encourage and inspire. It’s an upbeat kind of punch-you-in-the-face song that refuses to feel sorry for itself. LISTEN HERE…

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