SEX BBQ’s Wake Up is Speakers in Code’s Jam of the Day

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If their name wasn’t enough — look, getting an email with the words SEX BBQ in the subject line is startling but awesome — Atlanta’s SEX BBQ has outdone themselves with their first single, “Wake Up”. The combination of the childlike lead vocals and concertina on the verses with the heavy guitars and menacing lilt of the chorus gives the track a weirdly innocent eeriness — or maybe an eerie innocence. It’s part punk rock, part nursery rhyme, and all terrifically unique, unlike anything else I’ve heard this year.

It’s kind of the perfect track for a haunting season in October, for the grey skies and earlier darkness of the fall; look behind your doors and under your bed before you go to bed, because SEX BBQ might be waiting for you. LISTEN HERE…

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