SEX BBQ’s new debut LP, Sex Noir City, reviewed alongside Tedo Stone, BITERS, BLACK LINEN, FUTUREBIRDS & Dana Swimmer in’s Pick Six Column

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Georgia has a ton of local musicians out there and folks need to stand up and take notice. From all walks of the music universe they toil in relative obscurity because many residents would prefer to shell out big bucks for national acts in hopes they get the generic shout out to their community then a few meager shekels to support the singers and songwriters that live among them. Almost any night of the week you can find a local band jamming original tunes at one of the many local venues just waiting for listeners to come partake in some tasty tunes and ice cold beverages. With that all being said, here is a bonus Chris’ Pick Six that focuses on local music. Check out these records and go see them live whenever the chance arises.

SEX BBQSex Noir City

Sometimes you have to invest a boat load of time to get into new music and other times a record is fun right from the beginning, Sex Noir City from the Atlanta band SEX BBQ is one of the latter. A conglomeration of talented Atlanta musicians, SEX BBQ has delivered a batch of tunes that takes listeners on a wild romp through a crazy world of musical goodness. Layers of sounds swirl around the boisterous vocals of Kate Jan creating a record that is equal parts surf guitar, punk, garage rock, lounge and power pop. The songs have a whimsical feel with a hidden dark side as Jan sings about sex, dysfunctional relationships, weed and a wealth of everyday life shit. Sex Noir City is a record that just keeps getting better with each listen as new layers reveal themselves. Blistering guitars, booming percussion, creepy toy piano and a mix of various sounds & effects are meticulously brought together melding into one cohesive sound while avoiding falling into chaos and unlistenable noise. As the haunting beginning of the opening track explodes into a surf guitar mix it is almost impossible not delve further into the record. From start to finish there are no weak spots but don’t take my word go give it a listen. READ MORE…

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