Substream shares album stream of North by North’s “Last Days of Magic”


Just in time for Halloween, Chicago duo North By North are here with a massive, 17-track double LP filled with lots of guitar, in-your-face vocals, plenty of groove, fervor for days, and spooky, Stephen King-inspired elements that feel just right for the season. Last Days Of Magic not only has some of the greatest album art of the year, but front to back it’s simply one of the best albums of the year as well. Putting out a 17-song album that isn’t packed with skits or interludes is both ballsy and ambitious; you run the risk of boring the listener with lackluster filler, but North By North keep it consistently exciting with an interesting concept and intriguing songwriting that always feels fresh and theatric. Quoting myself from a previous mention of the band, North By North’s music “begs to be blasted at high volumes and sounds better and better the higher you crank the knob.” READ MORE…

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