Tesla Rossa is the lead story today at Substream Music Press, where you can stream their new self-titled debut in its entirety.

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For the past five years, Tesla Rossa has been silently running wild at house parties and basement shows around the country.  Now, the band is finally releasing its self-titled debut album.  A lot can happen over five years, and Tesla Rossa stands as evidence of that. The album showcases a dynamic collection of songs varying greatly in musical influence.  One moment roars as wildly as any garage rock jam, the next comes gently crooning, dancing over strings, or dabbling with sitar.

“We always kind of joke that we’re the modern rock version of a throwback band, or like a throwback band from the future, because we do have a lot of those sounds that rock and roll was built on but we always try to wrap it around some kind of new thing,” says vocalist/guitarist Jason Denton.

The trio, finished off by Ryan Tullock and Nathan Wahlman, gathers an eclectic mix of influences channeled into one blend of sounds that defines Tesla Rossa.  Even between members the influences differ.  “I’m much more of a rock guy, Nathan loves jazz, Ryan’s much more of…he loves pop and more of the hip hop world,” Denton explains.

It’s not only the wide collection of influences that leads to the diverse style, the time spent together as a band plays directly into where Tesla Rossa is now.  Five years’ time provided the Nashville group with a collection of songs spanning a variety of directions influenced by their own lives and musical interests during that time period. LISTEN HERE…

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