The A.V. Club premieres The Wans “I Can’t Fix You” from their debut album He Said, She Said (out Sep 9)

The Wans Simon Kerr-Vocals/Guitar Mark Petaccia-Vocals/Drums Thomas Bragg-Vocals/Bass He Said, She Said The onion av club a.v. club I Can't Fix You

There are a ton of good rock bands coming out of Nashville these days. Just yesterday The A.V. Club premiered the new video from the Kopecky Family Band, for instance. Today, we’ve got the new single from The Wans, yet another band from Music City U.S.A. “I Can’t Fix You” is off the band’s debut LP, He Said, She Said, out Sept. 2 and is one of 40 songs the band originally wrote for the record. The trio whittled that list down to 10 tight jams, all recorded live on producer Dave Cobb’s board, which has, at one point or another, been used on albums by The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. That fits The Wans aesthetic, which mixes Zeppelin, Cream, and “newer” bands like Nirvana to come up with a sort of ‘60s meets ‘90s sound that should fly with modern listeners. LISTEN HERE…

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