The Nerdist features The Wans’ new video “Never Win” as their Music Geek Track of the Day

The Wans Simon Kerr-Vocals/Guitar Mark Petaccia-Vocals/Drums Thomas Bragg-Vocals/Bass He Said, She Said Never Win the nerdist chris hardwick

Its a really trite idea that Mondays are the worst ever, but don’t let that detract from the incontrovertible fact that the three dudes in Nashville-based The Wans are having a way worse start to the work week than you in the their new music video for “Never Win”.

Sure, it’s all ebullient early morning sunshine and cartoon bluejays art first, but things take a nosedive almost immediately when that same cute lil bird shits all over the band’s frontman face, little kids with black belts attack, and a full body sun burn prevents graceful full-body movement. It is a disastrous melange of bruise inducing bad luck and misanthropic children, and it should make you feel better about your day unless part of you caught on fire or was unceremoniously amputated (is there such a thing as ceremonious amputation?). All the while we are treated to the Wans brand of flailing garage rock that sounds uncannily like early aughts White Stripes. WATCH HERE…

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