Santa Cruz Arts Blog on The Wild: “Folk music for the post-punk generations.”

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The word ‘folk’ means a lot of different things, depending on your age and experience. For American hipsters listening to the folk/Americana of The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men and Mumford’s various offspring, it’s a return to an older aesthetic and way of doing things. For the older generation, it is a celebration of the great things that have come before.

For the members of The Wild, it is an archetype to fit themselves into. They are a continuation, a generation removed, from what has been a progressive lineage. Woodie Guthrie sang the newspaper, Bob Dylan sang as if he were a character in the story, followed by Springsteen etc. This is key to The Wild’s sound, because they aren’t retro revivalists; they are folk music for the post-punk generations. When I spoke to Witt (vocals/guitars) after the show, that is exactly what he explained to me.  READ MORE