The Wild Honey Pie invites you to crush on City Tribe’s new song “Bury Me”

City Tribe press photo Jacob Jones: Lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars Eric Wallace: Electric bass, shaker Duncan Nielsen: Lead vocals, electric guitar, mandolin, korg Cody Rhodes baby robot media the wild honey pie undertow bury me

San Fran band City Tribe released their debut full-length just last week, and if you’ve yet to hear it then you’re going to want to do that — especially after listening to their next single, “Bury Me”. A foursome smitten with all things West Coast (all born and raised there), City Tribe’s sound is saturated with golden, guitar-driven melodies and salty sweet harmonies. Dubbed “the Vampire Weekend for the West Coast,” the delicate entwining vocals are easily reminiscent of Fleet Foxes at times. Although the way the easygoing arrangement ultimately pans out is a formula unique to City Tribe, feet firmly planted in the sand. “Bury Me” is a late afternoon beach trip, as you’re lazing on a blanket and dozing off right around three minutes in only to be roused by the sounds of your favorite place in the world, feeling totally at ease. Listen to the premiere of City Tribe’s “Bury Me” above from their debut LP, Undertow, and commence your next band crush. LISTEN HERE…

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