Vents Magazine premieres Sydney Eloise & The Palms’ new slow-building piano ballad “Out of My Hands”

Sydney Eloise and the Palms Atlanta faces indie rock BABY robot media

VENTS is excited to join forces with Sydney Eloise and the Palm for the release of their haunting and emotional track “Out of my Hands” off their forthcoming debut LP, Faces, out Sept. 22 from The Cottage Recording Co.

“Out of My Hands” is a slow-building piano tune that starts spare and works its way to Phil Spector-style Wall of Sound layering—add in some subtle George Harrison-indebted slide guitar, Sydney Eloise’s bittersweet-expressive vocals, her thoughtful, honest songwriting and a reverb-drenched modern sheen, and you end up with a ballad on par with Jenny Lewis’ best.

From the opening “Be My Baby”-style drumbeat and retro-modern psychedelic swirls of lead track “Always Sailing,” Sydney Eloise & the Palms’ new debut Faces is searching and bittersweet, a classic-pop meditation from the visionary twentysomething next door. A vivid sonic slide-show carousel of a record, its mix of words and music paint tiny, episodic masterpieces in technicolor. LISTEN HERE…

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