Verbicide Magazine digs Pillage & Plunder’s “unique mix of indie, prog, and jazz-punk”

Pillage & Plunder and Gokul Parasuram Hsiang-Ming Wen Noah Kess the show must go wrong baby robot media Verbicide magazine how did it come to this premiere

Atlanta-based Pillage & Plunder are self-proclaimed “art rockers” who play a unique mix of indie, prog, and jazz-punk. The trio will release their debut full-length The Show Must Go Wrong on August 5, 2014. They previously released their debut single in 2009, and their first EP, Look Inside for the Prize, in 2011. In 2013, they dropped Goodnight Jack, an acoustic EP.

Below, you can stream the premiere of their track “How Did It Come to This?” They are preparing for a big late-summer tour to coincide with the album release. LISTEN HERE…

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