Verbicide Magazine premieres Quaildogs new track “The Wedding Song” featuring Book Club’s Rachel Buckley

quaildogs verbicide book club rachel buckley the wedding song

Quaildogs, with a lineup unchanged since 2011 and yet no debut record, are set to release their first LP next month. Check out our premiere of “The Wedding Song” off their upcoming album, The Getting Old Factory, and some words from the band about the track:

“Close to the end of recording The Getting Old Factory, we decided we wanted something smaller and more intimate—something to offset the album’s bigger moments. Also, we’re in our late 20s, and weddings have become a big part of our lives. Every summer, we all have to go stand up there a few times, we have to wear something ugly that someone else picked out, and then go get drunk afterwards. The best weddings, you can really feel the love, and sometimes the excess ends up at your feet when least expect it.” READ MORE…

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