Voli’s new single “Stop Me” begins a 7-day stint today as Track of the Week at legendary pop-culture outlet Interview Magazine

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The broad range of the instrumental composition of “Stop Me,” the newest track from New Jersey-born rapper Voli, is evidenced within the first thumping second. Opening with a Bollywood-esque electric guitar solo, the track, which we’re pleased to premiere here as our Track of the Week, slowly progresses to sample pop and rock rhythms with an air of ease and style. Witty and poignant lyrical flow (“Jersey in the house / don’t fist pump for me though …/ I dare you to hate me”) doubles over a clap-worthy chorus and easily danceable beats.

“It’s an unyielding, unapologetic testament to forging your own path at your own speed. It’s an anthemic middle finger to anyone’s preconceived notions of who you are or who you should be,” the visual artist, producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter says of the song. “I’m no longer living a predetermined lifestyle. Now, music is my life.”

While a journey from the East Coast to L.A. served as the main inspiration for “Stop Me,” the track’s robust samplings also stem from Voli’s varied influences. “One moment that inspiration might take the form of an Eagles song, and the next day it’s pulled from a Quentin Tarantino film. One day it could be an Ennio Morricone score, and the following week an intense conversation with a friend about the state of America,” he explains.

The former J. Cole and Young Guru collaborator refuses to abide by genre stipulations, blending elements of classic- and prog-rock, rap, and R&B, and on February 24, he will release his latest solo album The Wall. LISTEN HERE…

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