The Huffington Post debuts PLS PLS’ “Jet Black” video

After 10 years, six albums, and over 1,000 shows with his former band, Dropsonic, Dan Dixon decided it was time to re-invent the wheel he’d spinning for so long. Though Dropsonic had done too many tours to count, and had shared bills with bands such as And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Garbage, Archers of Loaf and The Strokes, it had all started to feel decidedly uninspiring. But this changed when Dixon launched PLS PLS back in 2012. Eschewing guitars for a parade of sparkling keyboards and synthesizers, the new project became the vehicle for his creative renaissance.

PLS PLS’ recently released sophomore effort, Jet Black, continues this journey, ending up at the crossroads where dark New Wave & electronic groups like New Order and Kraftwerk intersect with the swirling, anthemic synth-pop of M83 and Twin Shadow. PLS PLS combines jarring electronic textures with arena-friendly hooks, club-ready beats, and a flair for blending analog and digital soundscapes into a forceful wall of sound.

The album’s title track is a dreamy, space-rock cut that is both hook-heavy and minimalist. “It’s a song about loving someone or something that’s metaphorically—or literally—killing you,” Dixon explains. “So much so, that you can’t stop regardless of the consequences.” Though Dixon is quick to point out that his lyrics are more thematic than specifc. “My songs are almost never about one particular event. They’re about a feeling or an experience that’s ultimately a part of the human condition—just from my perspective.” READ MORE

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