Huffington Post debuts Wanderwild’s “Evergreens” video

Wanderwild’s spacey, reverb-washed debut EP, Fleeting, is an expansive and sweeping collection of indie pop, rock and folk that recalls the tender melodic brilliance of Feist and Bon Iver, while evoking the moody immediacy of bands like Deerhunter and The National. This captivating, densely layered project is the work of multi-instrumentalist Matt Martin, who, with just a few exceptions, is Wanderwild’s sole contributor.

When the Athens, Ga.-based Martin began considering a video for new single “Evergreens,” one of the highlights of Fleeting, he and his friends from Georgia-based film collective The Wily Breed—Gabe Cuomo, Sean Bradley, and Trevor Blesse—ventured to the Seattle, Wash., wilderness. The stunning visuals for “Evergreens” not only mirror the anthemic nature of the song, but are reflective of Martin’s personal struggles, as well. “Evergreens is a song about internal strife,” he says. “It’s a conversation with myself, as I try to sift through anxiety and uncertainty. I’m battling cynicism with the wisdom that comes from knowing the universe is far bigger than myself.”

Wily Breed member (and longtime Martin friend) Cuomo signed on as director, producer and editor on “Evergreens,” approaching Martin’s ideas with what he calls “passionate idealism.” Cuomo and his team spent hours scaling the rugged wilderness of Washington state—wrestling the topographical limitations of their surroundings while sunburned, dehydrated and freezing cold. The result is awe-inspiring—a clip that blends serenity with tension, pure bliss with stark inevitability… READ MORE

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