Mass Appeal premieres Ghost Pavilion’s new single, “No Reason Why”

“I incorporated samples, electronic drums, and dry synths to provide a mechanically cold take on a mostly organic and soulful EP,” says L.A.–based artist James Higgs, a former member of the band Spanish Prisoners who also records under the name Ghost Pavilion. “For me, the song conjures up themes of nostalgia and fleeting moments with dreamy soundscapes.”

Today MASS APPEAL premieres “No Reason Why” off the forthcoming EP, Oblivion. The recording was mastered by Nashville legend, John Baldwin, whose tweaked the knobs on releases by the likes of Neil Young, Jesus Lizard, and Sly Stone. “Though ‘No Reason Why’ is a unique production within the Ghost Pavilion repertoire, I think the track shows where the band might be heading to next,” Higgs says.

Where GP’s 2014 project Traces was slightly more upbeat, shortly after its completion Higgs learned that his grandfather and childhood dog were both reaching the ends of their lives. Grappling with his own mortality through the deaths of these loved ones, Higgs found that memories of them both were still fresh in his mind when he began work on Oblivion.

If you fux with Washed Out and Beach House, give Ghost Pavilion’s poignant bedroom pop a try. READ MORE

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