PopMatters premieres Ghost Pavilion’s new single, “Vacant Stories”

Described as “bedroom pop”, James Higgs’ upcoming new record, Oblivion, is as ethereal as the Ghost Pavilion moniker he’s given his solo project might imply. With the intent to bend genre influences ranging from golden era disco to intricate jazz ensembles, Higgs develops a lush, multi-layered soundscape for listeners to get lost in on his newest single, “Vacant Stories”.

“‘Vacant Stories’ started with me playing a cheap thrift shop keyboard on a couch,” says Higgs. “I was living in Echo Park at the time and had just moved back to LA from NY. A lot of things were on my mind, having left behind a job, friends, and an ex.”

He continues, “The song has evolved greatly since then, and has been roughly two years in the making. The concept of the song was undoubtedly influenced by my own sense of mortality. Upon returning to LA, I found my grandfather and childhood dog were reaching the end of their lives. Time seemed like a blur. A few memories came to mind during this time: Walking on a beach with my dog. Counting quarters with my grandfather. They happened and now this was happening.”

Oblivion releases on August 25, 2017.


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