The Village Voice: Sydney Eloise and the Palms talk back to Simon & Garfunkel with thier song “Loneliest Boy In NY”

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Sydney Eloise and the Palms certainly didn’t rush things when it came to their forthcoming debut, Faces. The Atlanta-based band built the album piece by piece, heading into co-producer Damon Moon’s studio, the Cottage, with outlines of songs and adding instrumentals and tweaking things until they sounded right. They didn’t even start out looking to record an album, but as the collection of work began to take shape, songs that Eloise had been writing over a four-year period began to feel cohesive, and Faces was born.

The latest track revealed by Eloise and the Palms is “Loneliest Boy in NY,” one of the more complex songs on the record. The number is a response to the Simon & Garfunkel classic “The Only Living Boy in New York,” which Moon had included on a mix for Eloise in the midst of an inspirational dry spell. LISTEN HERE…

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